General terms of use by buyers of the Place of market ShopiSkyce

Article 1: Who are we and what is our role?

iSkyce is a company independent one-person created by Mr. Klein Michel, whose headquarters is located 6 Rue  Schelmenwasen  F-67590 Schweighouse Sur Moder  (France-Alsace), registered at the trade register and companies of STRASBOURG under number 392 736 104 00028. For more information you can reach us by mail at the following address: .

iSkyce is a National mark registered at the INPI 15 Street of the Nimines 92677 COURBEVOIE under no. 15/0552726 registered on 06/12/2013 and under no. 15/4161472 03/03/2015.

Its founder to created this Place of market ShopiSkyce, accessible on the internet hereinafter referred to as the marketplace to promote on the web, the development and awareness of our merchants. START UP; manufacturer; Distributor, etc... (Hereinafter together "Vendors") by putting at their disposal a new online marketing channel.

This market Place and an online store and a market place offering a multitude of product iSkyce sells internationally through any other marketplace and will thereby increase the SEO of iSkyce on the Web for its place of market. Future sellers will for now not release through these other marketplace alone shopiSkyce market place.

This iSkyce marketplace is at the service of buyers looking for High Tech products; replacement parts; telephony; small computers accessories various who are aware of the developments in our economy and take advantage of the reputation of our brand.

Our marketplace has therefore for activity to connect buyers and sellers by allowing vendors that we have selected to open our site, an online store that allows them to present their products and sales . Our activité is an intermediary that brings sellers and buyers to ensure development through this new channel.

We also regarding us seller activity on this market place and other Marketplace making us an innovative actor with a degree of competence both on the role to play as a seller and a concern on a daily basis to bring new solution to sellers and buyers

The marketplace is also agent of the company Mangopay to propose a solution of MANGOPAY payment by electronic currency on the site. Each vendor as every buyer must open an account of electronic money the company Mangopay on which payment transactions will be conducted from our site. Using the "MANGOPAY" electronic payment system, the customer accepts unconditionally the general terms of "MANGOPAY", available at and appearing on the Site.

Article 2: The purpose of our Conditions General buyer and their evolutions

Our General Conditions aim to define the conditions for use of our marketplace by buyers and notably to clarify our role and sellers.

When you use our marketplace our General Conditions you are binding of right, the use of our marketplace worth acceptance of these General Conditions.

Our General Conditions are subject to change at any time. During their update, information will be posted on the site, they can be invoked to buyers when they are posted online.

You have the faculté to print, download or save these general terms.

Article 3: The operation of our virtual shops

Sellers, we are referencing, have on the site of a virtual shop. These are pages on the site that are reserved and allow them under their only responsibility to present their products, to inform you as a buyer of their conditions of sale and to initiate an order and its payment. Sellers are solely responsible for, information on their products, their conditions of sale and delivery operations. For any difficulté you first contact them.

To be referenced a seller will include meeting the following criteria:

  • Undertake to respect all the regulations that govern the marketing of its products
  •  Present its not misleading product
  •  To comply with the general terms of use accessible seller on our site and adjust especially us his commission
  •  To be contacted by the buyer in case of need
  • Your activity in France; Europe under condition of the country member and European standards and for the rest of the world according to international standards.



Article 4: The ordering process has been validated by our sellers.

Agreed with our vendors, an order follows the following steps:

Previously in your Plum of buyer you must identify yourself on the site stating your identité, your date of birth and your address.

We details to you that your buyer plum you will need to have the legal ability to place the order.

You will need to initiate a command:

  • Add to cart the products you want to purchase.
  •  Check the details of your order and the price including VAT (excluding delivery charges).
  • Choose the terms of delivery and including a delivery address.
  • Read the summary of the order whose price and terms of delivery. At this point, you can still edit and correct your information and your order.
  • Initiate the payment of the order via your account opened with the Mangopay electronic money institution; the status of the order will be at this stage 'in progress of validation';
  • The order will be forwarded automatically to the seller and remains subject to the condition subsequent that the property is available;
  • The seller will confirm the order and send you the number to the right of delivery and invoice that will be used to track the order. It will also make you part of his impossibilité to honor the order, by mail, and at the latest within 2 business days the order. In which case the order would be confirmed by the seller, the electronic money institution Mangopay will charge your account for the amount thereof. The contract will be consideré as concluded at the time of the confirmation of the order by the seller.
  •  We inform you that delivery times are defined by each seller on their e-store and can therefore vary.
  • Any question relating to the follow-up of the order must be asked directly to the seller. In what concerns us, we do not intervene in the transaction.




Article 5: Delivery by the seller and receipt by the buyer. Products are shipped in accordance with the indications given by the seller in its specific terms and/or in its product form.

The products are then transported to the risk of the seller. The delivery process is the following:

  • The seller ship the order to the delivery address.
  • At the reception of the order, you must check the conformité of the product and the packaging and you can make any claim against the seller. You can also request an exchange for a period of 14 days or exercise your right of withdrawal for those same 14 days. This right of withdrawal allows you to return the product to the seller without any reason but clearly stating that this return is the result of the exercise of your right of withdrawal. In case of cancellation you will be refunded. A withdrawal slip can be found in annex 2. It should be noted however that Exchange and withdrawal rights cannot be exercised for certain products listed in article l. 221 - 28 and following of the Code of consumption. This includes personalized or custom made products, products likely to deteriorate or to expire quickly, products that cannot be dismissed for reasons of hygiene or health protection, products record audio, video or software which were unsealed by the buyer after delivery eté or any other product appearing in the context of legal exclusions. The right of withdrawal is exercised for the products subject to prolonged use, having been washed or damaged either.
  • In case of exchange of the product or in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal in any case, the products will not be returned to our marketplace. They must be returned to the seller.
  • In the event that the delivery of the products called reserves, you can in your buyer plum notify them the carrier at the time of delivery.
  • Delivery times are provided by the vendors they will in any case be less than 30 days.
  • Any refunds are made via the same payment method used to pay for his order.

Article 6: Delivery.

The ordered products can be delivered according to choice of the seller in the world.

Article 7: Warranty of the products

In the cases provided by law, the seller owes you a guarantee of conformité (article L.217 - 4 and following of the French consumer Code) and a guarantee against hidden defects (article 1641 and following of the Civil Code).

On the pages of his e-store and in its specific terms of sale or in its listings, sellers will give you all the necessary information.

Article 8: The proper use of our marketplace.
You should not in buyer plum use the marketplace

  • in a way that would cause, or be likely to cause an interruption, damage, or tampering with the marketplace.
  • in order to cause trouble, nuisance or causes anxiety,
  • for any activité unlawful, regulatory, and contrary to good morals.
  • with the intent to harm

In addition:

  • your comments should not be nor obscene, abusive, defamatory, or offensive or libellous or political
  • You agree through the use of our market Place to the rights of third parties, right to the image, intellectual property etc...
  • You agree not to use false addresses email on the site or usurp the identity of a third party.
  • You also agree report us any illegal content that you will find on our marketplace using the form in annex 1. We will have the faculté to remove any content not in line as soon as we are informed.
  • more generally you will not infringe the rights of third parties

Article 9: Responsibility.

The seller is only responsible for the sale of products that he presents in his virtual shop and respect for laws and regulations that govern the presentation products, their marketing, related guarantees, after-sales service etc.

We are not responsible for the failures of the sellers nor the good end of transactions that you initiate with them.

Our responsibility could not be committed in the event of a breach of such obligations as defined in these terms and conditions and only to cover direct damage to up to a maximum amount of € 80,00 (four and twenty euros) by calendar year. We will do our best to ensure the disponibilité and the continuité of services. However, due to the nature of the internet, this disponibilité and this continuité can be guaranteed. Access to services also occasionally be suspended or restricted to allow for possible maintenance.

Article 10: Personal data

We collect your personal data for the management of our site. The information requested for the creation of your account must be present in a fair and honest way.

For more information about our cookie policy as well as the choices that are available, please see our 'Cookies' mentions in accessible legal information directly on the site.

To exercise your rights of rectification, deletion and opposition access you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

We implement technical devices to ensure the confidentialité of your data.

Sellers are responsible for the use and the treatment of the personal data collected on their e-store. You can exercise your rights of access to their address on the pages of their e-store.

Article 11: Our proprieté intellectual rights

All elements of the Web Site, Visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, the right brands or patents.

Thus, none of the documents from the Web Site may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted, distributed or marketed in any way whatsoever. Elements of property intellectual roots are made available only in your Plum of buyer to benefit services of our marketplace.

Article 12: The evidence, conservation and archiving of transactions

Validation clicks on our site, such as your payment, you are bound and are worth acceptance on your part of the purchase operation.

Records stored in our computer system or that of our subcontractors can serve as evidence. 

Article 13: The settlement of disputes

Complaints about the delivered products (products damaged, nonconforming to the command or the product sheet products, missing etc.), you must contact the seller. The seller is responsible for the processing of claims and customer service related to its products. Our marketplace reserves however the right to intervene in arbitration in the event that the seller would not response to a bring you request or would not resolve the dispute within a reasonable time.

When the dispute could not lead to an amicable solution, you can use for free a mediator of consumption. The seller can implement its own mediation device. It will then the coordinates of the Ombudsman in his Special Conditions.

More generally for any dispute related market place it is possible to use any other mediator of consumption which indicated on the site of the Ministry of the Bursar:

The European Commission has also set up a platform for resolution of disputes to collect any consumer complaints following a purchase online in order to then pass them on to the competent national ombudsmen . This platform is accessible at the URL

Article 14: Applicable law and jurisdiction

The General Conditions of the marketplace are subject to French law, the application of the Vienna Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods is expressly excluded. The competent court in case of dispute is the commercial court of Paris.


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